Revolutionising Online Shopping

Redefining the Landscape of E-Commerce: Harnessing Cutting-Edge Innovations to Deliver Unmatched Connectivity, Tailored Personalization, and Unparalleled Online Shopping Experiences


A Lifetime of Business Growth in Every Click

We're always up to something exciting! We're an e-commerce powerhouse, but we're not just about selling products - we're about creating amazing experiences for our customers!

Performance Marketing

As marketing experts, we are always working on creating some performance marketing magic that's going to take our campaigns to the next level. We've got some top-secret strategies up our sleeves that are going to make our ads even more engaging and effective.


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Achieving success

Unlocking the Path to Personal and Professional Success

Over the past five years, our company has achieved some truly remarkable feats that have positioned us as a leader in our industry across Europe

Our brands


Our values

Global reach

With our local touch and global reach across 18 countries in Europe, we'reable to offer the personalized support of a small business while still

One-stop shop

Speaking of products, we're your one-stop shop for everything you need. Whether you're in the market for the latest tech gadgets, the hottest fashion trends, or some stylish home decor, we've got your back.

Shop with ease

We know that shopping online can sometimes be a bit of a pain - that's why we're all about making it easy for you. Our website is designed to be user-friendly, and our checkout process is hassle-free. No headaches, no stress - just easy shopping

Fast and reliable

When it comes to delivery, we're not messing around - we're committed togetting your products to you as quickly and reliably as possible. Whether you need lightning-fast next-day delivery or expert customer support to solve any issues you might encounter along the way, we've got you covered.

Value & affordability

We believe that everyone deserves the best value for their hard-earned money - and that's exactly what we deliver! We're all about providing you with top-notch products and the best shopping experience around, all without breaking the bank.

Shop with confidence

We know that shopping online can sometimes be a bit nerve-wracking - that's why we're all about making sure that you can shop with confidence and peace of mind. How do we do it? With two simple words: cash on delivery and hassle-free returns.

Revolutionise E-commerce

Our mission is simple

At our company, we're all about living our values and making sure that our customers feel the love. Here's what we're all about: We are on a mission to the e-commerce experience throughout the whole Europe. As one of the fastest growing e-commerce companies in the region, we are committed to providing our customers with the best experience and prices possible.

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Whole Europe

Local touch, global reach

With our local touch and global reach across 18 countries in Europe, we're able to offer the personalised support of a small business while still providing access to the latest products and trends from around the world.

18 countries

We operate in over 18 countries across all Europe

170+ employees

Our team consists of over 170 employees

3.2 mio.+ customers

We have sold items to over 3.2 mio. customers

150 mio.+ revenue

We have generated over 150 mio. € in revenue

130.000+ products

Every week we introduce at least 10 new products to the market

150+ websites

We manage over 150 websites

Programmers, we are looking for you! 👋

We are actively looking for new colleagues to join us on the journey!

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